Community Storage – The Path Forward

a CSI Web Workshop

Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017
12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Eastern

Please join us for an exciting and informative web conference with some of the leading Community Storage market participants from across the country! This free web workshop produced by the Community Storage Initiative will explore examples of how Community Storage projects are emerging nationwide, and include an update on CSI activities.

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"Community Storage" is an emerging term for utility-sponsored programs that aggregate distributed energy storage resources that are located throughout a community, such as water heaters, electric vehicles, and interconnected storage batteries, to improve the operational efficiency of electric energy services to consumers. The defining characteristic of a community storage program is the coordinated dispatch and optimization of premises-based energy storage resources, often behind a consumer’s electric meter, to achieve system-wide benefits. The Community Storage Initiative (CSI), established in 2016, is focused on collaborative information sharing and coordinated market development efforts in support of wide-scale implementation of energy storage technologies that are located in communities across the country. CSI is dedicated to bringing the economic, environmental and societal benefits of these energy storage technologies to end-use electric customers throughout the country. The Community Storage Initiative conducted the 1st CSI Leadership Forum at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

Moderator: Steven Koep Vaughn Thermal Corporation and Community Storage Initiative Advisory Council Moderator: Steven Koep
Vaughn Thermal Corporation and Community Storage Initiative Advisory Council



Keith Dennis
Keith Dennis
NRECA and Community Storage Initiative Advisory Council
Energy Storage: Batteries... and Everything Else!

yd Briggs
Syd Briggs
Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric
The Sunna Project – Community Solar with Water Heater Storage

Mike Hopkins
Mike Hopkins
Ice Energy
Commercial and Residential Cool Storage

Joey Anderson
Joey Anderson
Solar Plus Storage Case Study