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Vaughn Thermal Corp. Announces ‘Electric Thermal Storage’ Lease/Rental Program

February 3rd, 2017

Salisbury, MA – February 1, 2017. Today, Vaughn Thermal Corporation announced the formal introduction of its Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) Water Heater Lease/Rental Program for electric utilities and industry partners across the country.

Vaughn’s ETS Water Heater Lease/Rental Program is based on a collaborative water heater leasing business model that can effectively remove the first-cost hurdle for homeowners and utilities. The program provides customers with immediate access to V-GRID ‘grid-enabled’ Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) water heaters through participation in a mutually-beneficial, utility-sponsored water heater leasing program. Instead of facing emergency ‘out-of-pocket’ replacement costs, a utility’s residential customers can have immediate access to the ‘least cost’ option of an affordable lease or rental of a long-life, high-efficiency V-GRID ‘grid-enabled’ ETS water heater that can be controlled by the local electric utility for the purposes of load management, demand response (DR), and renewable energy storage.

In response to the Energy Efficiency Act of 2015, Vaughn Thermal Corporation was first-to-market with its V-GRID ETS water heater line of large-capacity, high-efficiency, Grid-Enabled ETS water heaters for residential DR applications. Available in 80,100 and 119 gallon sizes, the Vaughn V-GRID ETS water heater features the proven durability of a Hydrastone-lined tank and the latest in grid-enabled control technology. The Vaughn V-GRID water heater with grid-enabled control combines precise temperature management via an electronic thermostat with communication protocol flexibility (CTA2045, OpenADR, WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Cellular, Pager, etc.) and, as defined by law, is equipped with a software activation lock to ensure that the large-capacity ETS water heater is only used in a utility-sponsored load management or demand response program.

When equipped with ‘grid-interactive’ control capability, the Vaughn V-GRID ETS water heater becomes a thermal battery for storing electric energy and provides the ability to follow locational marginal pricing. High-speed, two-way communication capability also enables fast regulation service as well as superior utilization and integration of renewable energy, resulting in a significant reduction to the water heater’s carbon footprint.

“Vaughn Thermal Corporation welcomes the opportunity to work with electric utilities and industry partners across the country to provide an Electric Thermal Storage water heater lease/rental program that can become the foundation for every utility’s ‘Community Storage’ program.” said Steve Koep, National Utility Sales Manager at Vaughn Thermal Corp.

About Vaughn Thermal Corporation – Vaughn Thermal Corporation, Salisbury, MA, is a leading manufacturer of long-life, high-efficiency water heaters. The company also produces electronic controls for load-management, renewable storage and DR utility programs across the country.

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