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Vaughn Thermal Corp. Announces ‘Electric Thermal Storage’ Lease/Rental Program

February 3rd, 2017

Today, Vaughn Thermal Corporation announced the formal introduction of its Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) Water Heater Lease/Rental Program for electric utilities and industry partners across the country. Vaughn’s ETS Water Heater Lease/Rental Program is based on a collaborative water heater leasing business model that can effectively remove the first-cost hurdle for homeowners and utilities.

Mosaic Power Wins 2016 MD Affordable Housing Coalition’s Innovation Award

October 24th, 2016

Maryland Affordable Housing Coalition — which is the leading voice for affordable housing here in Maryland – recognized PLMA member Mosaic Power with their 2016 Innovation Award. Mosaic Power has been connecting water heaters across Maryland with our water heater network to participate in PJM’s Frequency Regulation Market and our biggest niche has been in the affordable housing world.

Community Storage Gains Key Support from Electric Trade Associations, Environmental Advocates, Utilities and Manufacturers

April 25th, 2016

Energy and environmental stakeholders are uniting around “community storage” to help solve the electric industry’s energy storage challenge. The Community Storage Initiative today announced the support of key industry groups, including the nation’s utility trade associations, environmental groups, manufacturers and more than a dozen individual utilities.