A. O. Smith
A. O. Smith, a global water technology company, delivers innovative water heating, water treatment, and purification solutions for millions of consumers and business owners worldwide. A. O. Smith’s smart resistive electric and heat pump water heater technologies are ideal for helping integrate renewable energy into the grid and energy storage applications, while also ensuring consumer comfort with a supply of hot water. This advanced energy storage technology allows utilities to plan energy storage events in advance, taking advantage of wind, solar or hydro generation thereby reducing the need for fossil fuel generation. We support the Community Storage Initiative

Central Electric Cooperative of Pennsylvania
Central Electric Cooperative of PA manages an electric thermal storage program comprised of electric resistance water heaters and electric heating systems. Heating load (500 accounts) shed is about 1.9 kw and electric resistance water heaters (about 1900 units) shed approximately 2 mw.

Dairyland Power Cooperative
Dairyland Power Cooperative has offered a thermal space and water heating storage program and incentives to members for over 25 years. Moving forward we see storage technologies as an integral part of our smart grid future. Storage technologies will allow us to better integrate renewable resources into our generation mix.

Duke Energy
Duke Energy is a regulated utility operating in six states in the Southeast and Midwest, serving approximately 7.3 million electric customers. It’s Demand Response programs provide over 3,000 MegaWatts through a mix of residential and commercial offerings. The residential programs include over 850,000 participants, with over 1.5 million appliances controlled, including water heaters, central air conditioning, heat pumps and electric furnaces, and pool pumps. Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Duke Energy is a Fortune 250 company traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DUK. More information about the company is available at

Federated Rural Electric
Wind towers are prominent in our service area so it only makes sense to take this wind energy and store it in our large capacity electric storage water heaters. Federated has been controlling water heaters for 34 years to help keep our rates as low as possible for our member-owners. More than 50 percent of our members participate in our water heater program.

Since 1985 GARN has manufactured stand-alone, grid connected water based thermal storage systems for use in space or process heating. Sizes vary from 600 to 4,000 gallons, 16.5 KW to 105 KW. This equipment is the sole source of space heating for rural buildings, including an 18,000 sq ft educational facility and a 10 unit condo complex (since 1990), both in northern MN. This technology seamlessly utilizes variable wind and solar generated power, helping to optimize the local electric grid. GARN wholeheartedly supports the Community Storage Initiative, GRE and all those who visualize and support a clean energy future.

Great River Energy
Great River Energy is excited to be a founding supporter of the Community Solar Initiative. Great River Energy through its 28 member distribution cooperatives manages an electric thermal storage program that is able to store nearly a gigawatt of energy each night by controlling the electric resistance water heaters of 65,000 end-use members. GRE also offers an off-peak electric vehicle charging program that offers cooperative members the ability to upgrade the electricity used to fuel their vehicles with wind energy at no additional cost over their traditional electric service.

Green Mountain Power
Green Mountain Power is driving the transformation of what an electric utility has been to what it now needs to be keeping our trinity of low cost, low carbon and highly reliable power delivery at the forefront of our thinking. The development of community scale energy systems, including the use of a variety of storage technologies, is a key component of our strategy and our work. GMP controls 18,000 water heaters today and we feel we are just scratching the surface of what can be done.

Horry Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Horry Electric has been managing its peak demand for many years. Residential members can participate in an active load management program in which the Cooperative controls water heating load during peak periods of energy use. We have 5,501 members participating in the load management program. Through this effort, the Cooperative is able to shave over 2,200 kilowatts of load per peak incident during summer months and over 3,800 kilowatts of load per peak incident during winter months.

Ice Energy
Ice Energy's Ice Bear thermal energy storage systems transform the AC load into a clean, responsive and flexible grid resource. Ice Bears are ice batteries that create and store cooling off-peak in the form of ice, and deliver it during peak hours, eliminating the peak AC load. 11 MWs have been installed to date with another 41 MWs contracted to be delivered. As a storage resource, Ice Bears are low cost, long lived, reliable, non-degrading, fully dispatchable and clean.

Itasca-Mantrap Electric Co-op
Itasca-Mantrap Electric Co-op offers our members electric thermal storage and storage water heating options, between the two programs we have over 2,600 participants. We also have members participating in off-peak golf cart charging and pool heating.

Jackson EMC
Jackson EMC is dedicated to the use of load control to maximize the efficiency of our distribution system. This has produced lower rates for our members. Electric water heaters represent a significant load with a thermal storage component that if adapted and controlled appropriately can provide a flexible load and an energy storage mechanism. We are currently participating in the EPRI Field Evaluation of Demand Response Capable Electric Water Heaters to create a pathway for future demand response benefits to our systems.

Marquette Board of Light and Power
Community storage will allow for more integration of intermittent renewable resources. As we move forward into better grid solutions storage will play an important role to consider.

McLeod Cooperative Power Association
McLeod Co-op Power offers an electric thermal storage program for water heaters, floor and space heating, and off-peak vehicle charging. Much of the energy for these loads comes from wind power. We are exploring new ways to also integrate solar generation from our members into powering these storage loads.

Minnesota Rural Electric Association
The members of the Minnesota Rural Electric Association (MREA) provide numerous community storage programs today, and are in the forefront of exploring further opportunities for the future. Community Storage programs help cooperative members save money, provide important tools for enhancing power system reliability, and enhance the ability to effectively integrate more renewable energy resources into the power grid. These win-win programs make use of today's technology to drive innovative and economic solutions to tomorrow's challenges.

North Itasca Electric Cooperative Inc.
North Itasca Electric is a big advocate for community storage. We promote our "Electric Thermal Storage water heating" program extensively, wishing that all our members would sign up. We see a great value in purchasing energy during the late evening hours at the lowest cost and at the same time avoid high demand costs. Heating water at night does not only reduce cost to members, but also makes good use of wind energy by storing it during the night time hours. We encourage all kinds of storage medias, such as electric vehicles, as another means of reducing our carbon footprint.

Northwestern Rural Electric Cooperative Association
Northwestern REC has been involved in community storage since 1986 with 43% of its membership voluntarily participating in the management of electric water heating. Home heat storage systems, like Steffes ETS, enable over 600 members to also participate similarly with their residential heating systems. These two long-time community storage programs have enabled co-op members to be green before it was cool & has saved members over $20 million in avoided power costs - helping keep member rates stable and lower than other local utilities.

Oconto Electric Co-op
OEC has provided community storage options since the 1970's. The program includes electric storage water heaters and electric storage space heating programs. Both have been widely accepted by members and have provided great opportunities for OEC to manage demand through storing energy.

Palmetto Electric Cooperative
For 25+ years Palmetto Electric Cooperative has utilized off-peak electric resistance water heating to lower cost and save energy for our members. Under our program currently over 35,000 large capacity tanks are controlled. The cooperative and its members realize annual savings of $3.4 million. And, there are other incentives to participate including rebates, loans, and free maintenance. Furthermore, the use of large capacity storage program decreases our need for additional generation and its associated costs and lessens environmental impact. In fact, two combustion turbines are NOT in place today because of Palmetto Electric and other South Carolina co-ops storage programs.

Power Over Time
Power Over Time enables Community Storage smart grid principles to be harnessed simply through it's Load Management Platform over both cellular and WiFi communication paths. Power Over Time provides fine grained control over Electric Water Heater and Electric Vehicle storage options that allows sculpting of distribution grid power profiles, to positively impact a utilities bottom line. Additional two-way control capabilities for all loads connected to retrofit boards can also be harnessed for wider grid benefits.

Rocky Mountain Institute
Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) has produced cutting-edge analysis of the value of demand flexibility and energy storage in the US electricity system, and actively partners with leading utilities and innovators to bring these resources to scale. RMI has estimated a value of $13 billion/year from demand flexibility in the residential sector alone, and supports the adoption of "community storage" programs to help utilities capture this value, reducing costs for their customers and for the grid as a whole.

South Central Electric Association
South Central Electric Association in St. James, Minnesota has been a long time supporter of stored heat programs and off peak water heating. As a member-owned electric cooperative, we support wise use of our energy resources.

Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric
In 2015, Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric, a distribution cooperative in Owatonna, MN., launched the SUNNA project, an initiative combining its community solar program with a water heat storage program. If a consumer-member participates in the water heater program, they can receive a free water heater and purchase the first solar panel at a discount. The energy benefits from these new water heaters in the electric thermal storage program has covered about 70 percent of the cost of the community solar project.

Steffes Corporation
Steffes Corporation is a leading provider of innovative energy management and heating solutions and manufacturing solutions for multiple industries. An example of one such solution is our leadership in Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) which helps to optimize and better utilize electrical energy. We are a North Dakota manufacturing company and a global designer of energy solutions with more than 300 employees. Steffes strongly supports the "Community Storage" Initiative since it provides energy equity for all stakeholders and offers, particularly to end-users, the ability to have a real, significant, and positive impact on the evolution of the grid and distribution systems.

Sunnovations Inc.
Water heaters, despite their ubiquity and role as the 2nd largest consumer of home energy and nexus of its plumbing network, have largely been excluded from the “smart home" and "smart grid" trends. Sunnovations has introduced its Aquanta networked, retrofittable water heater controller to help bring the 50mm+ electric water heater installed base in the US into the 21st century advanced grid and networked home ecosystem.

Vaughn Thermal Corporation
Vaughn Thermal Corporation manufactures V-Grid 'grid-enabled' ETS water heaters and HPWHs for utility demand response programs across the country. Vaughn V-Grid products can be upgraded with grid-interactive functionality, allowing them to be aggregated and controlled in support of the Smart Grid. Grid-Interactive Water Heating is the foundation of the 'Community Storage' concept and can be controlled like any other grid-interactive, behind-the-meter storage asset. Vaughn Thermal Corporation welcomes the opportunity to support The Community Storage Initiative and its guiding principles!

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
The Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) has been a leader in grid-interactive vehicle policy development and the role of wholesale energy markets and the Renewable Fuel Standard commodity markets in supporting electrified transport. Our focus is on developing equitable community storage, including aggregating electric light and heavy duty vehicles (transit and school buses) as a resource capable of participating in a number of markets with careful attention to consumer protection and equity issues.

Wellesley Municipal Light Plant
The Wellesley Municipal Light Plant is interested in being part of an endeavor which proves beneficial to its customers. As electric utilities move from brick and mortar to technology based organizations, it is incumbent on us to research synergies that enhance our customers through technology. Community storage lends itself to exactly that.